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Hiring a consultant to do an advertised full-time job is cost and time efficient. Receiving an expertise of someone who already understands the needs of your business and has the proper strategies of solving the issues will be more helpful in the long run than hiring and training a newbie.

Hiring an experienced consultant also helps you get the job done faster, which saves you money in the long run having the same, long lasting results.

I can help you outsource the following services:

1. Recruiting and Talent Acquisition: provide you with strategies that will bring to your business the candidates with highest potential, unique skills and loyalty;

2. Leadership tactics: they will help you stand out from your competition and help you earn the trust of those you work with;

3. Entrepreneurial ideas: for your already successful business that will take you one step higher from your competitors and keep you strong in the future;

4. Insightful and thorough knowledge for development: perspectives on future trends directly affecting your business;

5. Finance: financial planning for business or personal projects, bookkeeping via Quick Books, investment consulting, stocks and security research for highest returns;

6. Business Strategy:  I will help you build a solid strategic plan for the growth, development and expansion of your business. Everything from A to Z will be covered + more;

7. Wine Services:  when it comes down to wine production, sales and marketing, I am the guru of it all. Naturally talented in sales and a wine lover.  Selling your wine as easy as  giving sweets to kids is what I do best!  (previous experience in wine sales, wine export + volunteering to sell wine during wine festivals)

Available import/export compliance consulting upon request!


or email: silviya@topchiyska.com

Transparency and integrity are at the core of every successful business, so I stick to them on a 100%