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Thank you for reaching out for help! I know it takes certain amount of courage to admit to a stranger that you have an issue with your work/business and to seek help. There is nothing shameful about it because we all need help. That’s why I am here today: to help your business grow and improve!

My consulting is not focused on one specific industry or one type of business. My consulting is focused on the people behind the “scene” because businesses are made from people for other people. Yes, technology is evolving every minute and soon human labor will be replaced by robots, but who will invent and build those robots? Answer: YOU! Until that day you and your business will need loyal, capable, empathetic and happy employees who in turn will bring the same type of clientele back to you.

I clearly understand the importance of a great bottom line on your company’s financial statements and that it is getting harder and harder to beat the competition. That’s where I give you an endless supply of practical and highly achievable ideas that you can start implementing immediately. I am never short on ideas about anything and everything! I am not here to sell you my ideas, I will give them to you because I want your business to be the number one in its industry. I believe that whatever your product or service, the world needs it.

Here are the main things that I focus my consulting on  (the list is not all inclusive):

  • lowering employee turn over, especially in year-round businesses /this could be very helpful for seasonally oriented businesses too/
  • winning the hearts of your employees
  • building a sustainable inside company strategy for personal success and satisfaction
  • building a great image of your business among the public /no more negative or demeaning press titles/
  • building your reputation as the “boss”/manager/owner that everybody wants to work for because they know they work for and with another human being who cares for his business and everything that it encompasses
  • increasing your total profits by applying better budgeting and spending strategies
  • creative ideas for better and more successful marketing and social media campaigns /you don’t need to have millions to become popular and “the unique” one/
  • ideas, strategies, plans and execution for manufacturing of new products or adding additional services
  • better recruitment principles so you can pick and choose the right employee from day one
  • improved HR resources for interviewing and scanning of candidates /the stereotypical interview questions could be found online and have already been memorized by too many/
  • business expansion internationally and conquering those new markets
  • perfect compliance with what people/clients need and not what your business needs /adjustments/
  • higher customer retention and effective referral programs

I am direct and I will tell you exactly what I think is wrong with your business  and how it could improve. No puffs and no cliches! My knowledge is practical and obtained by hands-on experience and by working in various industries for and with various people. You can learn more about me here.

How does it work?

You can book 1 hour business consulting via the appointment scheduler. We will go over the issues you want me to help you out with. I will come up with a plan, strategy, execution steps and send you a proposal, quote and deadline. Next, it is highly advisable that you allow me to personally evaluate your business and the problems stated. By visiting your business site for few days I will be able to see what exactly is wrong and immediately be able to advise you on how things can improve! The last step is that we work together on fixing things. I will advise, consult, monitor, show /depending on the case/ and we can climb that one step-up towards success together. Together, you and I, will set the deadlines. There will be two deadlines: 1st the date my consulting with your business ends; 2nd the day by which you want to see the new results and change. That’s our final goal and we will reach it together by that day!

I don’t speak to you colloquially because of lack of business knowledge or terminology, but because this is the real consulting: people to people. I am speaking to you like I already know you, your business and your problems because this is how relationships are built, how they last, and how success is achieved!

I am happy that I can help you out and I look forward to doing that!

Your Consultant,


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