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You can schedule your chit-chat appointments with me HERE! It is easy and quick. Just how things are meant to be.

Please, review the  Privacy Policy of how your personal and payment  (no more payment required-keep reading) data is obtained, stored  and used. After your booking is confirmed you will receive:

  • an encrypted email with more details about the appointment
  • an agreement asking you to acknowledge that you have read, understood and that you agree with my Privacy Policy (simple & basic stuff for YOUR security)

Note: Life brings us many surprises! I kindly ask that you inform me if you can’t make your appointment so I can open the slot for another person. Otherwise, I will wait 5 min for you to show up and if you don’t, your appointment will be canceled and we will have to chit-chat another time.

If you are trying to schedule a more extensive talk (being intrigued by a post, comment or video of mine)  please e-mail your inquiry to (Use this same address to send requests for public/group speaking and/or training sessions).

Only 1 FREE 30 min chit-chat per individual per week is allowed!!!

Thank you and I look forward to listening TO you, speaking WITH you and getting TO know YOU!


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