People during pandemic

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I have been following the news and data scientists and doctors provide about the development of Covid-19. At first, it seems scary and causes feelings of fear — fear of the unknown. While there is definitely uncertainty awaiting us in the future I keep asking myself “when has the future been certain?”.

In my short time on Earth I have come to understand that the only certainty one can experience is right now and at this very moment in the present. The past is gone and the only thing left from it is memories and learned lessons. The future? Well, will there be a future for us? How does one know how long he/she will continue to live? How do you know what will or will not happen in your life? The truth is that you don’t. I don’t either.

The popular saying of “Learn from the past, live in the present and prepare for the future” comes to be only 50% realistic. How do you know what to prepare for when you don’t know what’s coming? Did we get a chance to prepare for the current pandemic? Did we know what was coming? No, we didn’t! The only way to prepare for the future is to make the best decisions possible NOW and stop planning. Being prepared and Planning are two different actions. Let me explain:

BEING PREPARED: To be prepared is to know. To know means to have necessary skills. To have necessary skills means that once upon a time you had either encountered similar situation or you have developed certain skills. While you were learning those skills you didn’t know that Covid-19 was coming. You had no idea that pandemic was on its way. The thought that the whole world was going to shut down for indefinite time didn’t cross your mind. Yet, today you have your skills and you’re doing OK.

PLANNING: Planning means to prepare for things you expect. You can only plan for things you know about. You can only make a plan and execute it successfully if you know what to plan for. Since there might not be a future for you/me/everybody, you can’t plan for the future. Pretty simple, isn’t it? You may start planning now for the next pandemic but THEN might be very different than NOW. Thus, your plans will be useless.

So what’s better? To be prepared or to plan?


The world has been shut down for over a month now. We remain hopeful that freedoms of free move, free travel and socializing will be reinstalled to us  soon. Will it happen? Nobody knows yet!

But what have people done during the Covid-19 pandemic?

  • Some developed more compassion towards those who suffer
  • Some volunteered time and money to health organizations and personnel
  • Some organized community groups to help the elderly and those less fortune
  • Some have no idea what is going on and are wondering why they can’t get their nails done
  • Some lost their jobs
  • Some received more work and overtime than ever before
  • Some died
  • Some got sick and recovered
  • Some are still recovering
  • Some stayed home for 30+ days and continue to do so
  • Some ignored the #stayathome orders and continue to roam around
  • Some increased their personal debt
  • Some cashed out their retirement savings

But did we all learn the most important lesson? Now you will ask me what’s that?

The most important lessons we all learned during this Covid-19 pandemic is that humans do not have control over who lives or who doesn’t. Governments are institutions made by people. Not every person in government has been gifted with proper leadership and/or crisis management skills to lead properly during such times. At the end of the day each person is responsible for his own safety. The unexpected happens overnight and there is little we can do. Read my article “The Payback of the Universe”.

I continue to watch and follow people’s reactions to this Covid-19 pandemic worldwide. It is fascinating to see how differently people take it. It is more of a psychological and emotional struggle than physical one. To preserve one’s mental and emotional well being it’s important to NOT GIVE A F*CK. Truly, there are people that are unworthy of your attention, time and nerves. You can’t change others. You can only change your own actions and behaviors. At the end of your life you will know that only hand full of people ever truly matered.


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