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I have been debating whether to write this article and publish it for few days now. I think the media bombards us enough with news and incorrect numbers about the COVID-19. But there so many aspects the media IS NOT talking about and I wonder if there are others who have noticed them.

WARNING: This article will not be liked by people who think too high of themselves. This article will not be liked be people who live in denial about their true personalities and their environments. This article will not be liked by those who think they know it all.

It has been 100 years since the end of World War I.

What has the world learned since then? What have we accomplished?

For the past 100 years the world went thru World War II —  a war ending with more fatalities, civil fatalities, than any pandemic or war before that. Many countries experienced 45 or so years under strict communist regime where freedom of personality was unheard of. We also lived thru few pandemics and witnessed many natural disasters.

What have we learned from all of this?

For the past 100 years the human kind invented the internet, the web, Google, Facebook, electric vehicles, smartphones and other tools that have been freely available to us. They were created to help us with life and work. They were created to ease us.

How did we payback for their gifts? By misusing and overusing them!

Yes, we survived it all for the past 100 years but we learned nothing. We threw religion aside and replaced it with agnostics, which is a synonym to selfishness and self-worship. We prefer to spend time talking to our friends on SnapChat than go and visit our elderly parents and/or grandparents. We trust random posts on Facebook instead of using logic and common sense. In fact, one of the most unfortunate events for the past 100 years is that common sense is no longer something many have. It will soon have to be designated as a college degree. How pity is that?

We prefer to take care of things by doing one scroll up or down on our devices than standing up in front of another human being and explaining what we need, by looking them in the eyes. And how would that help anyways when the souls of so many have already perished? You look them in the eye and you see emptiness, greed, anger, aggression, uncertainty or worst…simple blank stares.

Have humanity perished already?

Every thought we have, every word we say and every action we undertake is immediately recorded in the universe. Whether you believe in God or not, whether you are religious or not, the time has come for you to understand that you alone can’t survive in this world. Going thru this COVID-19 pandemic has shown us all that it is not up to us to stop it.

The quarantines, the social isolation, the closing of borders and airports…this will not stop it, nor kill it. It might slow it down, but so far even isolation has not stopped the spread of the virus.

Ask yourself WHY! Ask yourself NOW!

At the same time we are hearing and/or experiencing major earthquakes that have shaken the Earth from Utah to Croatia.

If government leaders are so intelligent and all of you are so smart as you think you are why not come up with a plan to stop to control the earthquakes?

Now you will see: “we have no control over mother nature”. Exactly, you don’t! And I think the time has come for each one of you to sit down and evaluate yourself, your actions, your thoughts…past and present. Be angry at yourself, cry the tears of grief out, admit your mistakes, then forgive yourself and continue forward. But do so by having a new purpose: to help each other.

Fighting over a roll of toilet paper in Costco will not solve the problem. Ignoring quarantine rules will not help you out nor make you appear smarter. Quite the opposite. DOING GOOD will do!

How do I do good?

You have read posts on your beloved Facebook of people who are encouraging positive thoughts, right? Well, don’t just think positive of yourself. Think how is this virus affecting people you know. See if you can help them. Lift each other up when talking on the phone instead of discussing how intense the situation is.

Helping others is not a rocket science!

This is perfect timing to evaluate your personal values and core principles. These are the things that rule and lead your lifestyle. Unfortunately, you will most likely never have the same lifestyle even when COVID-19 goes away. Are you ready to accept this? What will you do next?

The Universe will either support or be against us. It is up to us to decide. Whether you believe in God, higher being, heavenly power or nothing, you are right for yourself. But there is one thing we can all believe in and that is in the goodness in each one of us. Personal responsibility is the starting point and communal benefits is the finish line.

Don’t ignore the requests or words of those who are trying to help you. Listen to them and do your best to follow them. You are not that smart, nor that intelligent.

The Universe will pay us back what we have worked for.

Disclaimer: This article represents solely the personal opinion of the author. It is not governed or affiliated by any political parties, international organizations or financial institutions. It should not  be taken as professional advice.

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