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What does Christmas mean to you?

I feel that every year I make the exact same post about Christmas. I keep wondering and asking people “what does Christmas mean to you?” The reason I do that is because I see more people than ever who have lost their holiday spirit. Christmas has become just another day on the calendar and just another opportunity to eat and drink. For others, Christmas has become the time of year to prove their love by purchasing as many gifts as possible. Glamorous decorations and festivities have turned Christmas into an amusement park. I continue to wonder if at the end of the day people even know what Christmas symbolizes.


Christmas for Christians should be the most important holiday and time of the year. Easter comes second. I don’t express holiday preferences, but one needs to be born first to die later. 🙂

Christmas is the time of year where families gather together, seek each others forgiveness and express love to each other by simply being together. Gifts are a great way to show appreciation — some gifts are — to others, but not THE way. One day later and children don’t even remember which gift is from whom. After the second day at school after Christmas break and children don’t remember that those things were gifts. They wear the clothes, the shoes, use their new phones, then they trash them and want new ones. This is not a gift but a present. A gift is something that it is always cherished and remembered. A gift is something that’s valuable and lasts. A gift is something that can be passed down from one generation to another. A true gift is a gift that warms the heart, brings tears of joy in the eyes and triggers a heart-felt Thank you!

In the Christian world, speaking as a Christian myself, that gift was Jesus Christ. The only begotten Son of God who came down to give us eternal life and way back to life with God. Though, we lack complete information on his life and deeds, the little bit of information we have in the Bible is sufficient enough to show us an example. Christ is truly an example we can all follow. His kindness, mercy and goodness were unconditional. How kind are you? How merciful and nonjudgmental are you? Do you love your family unconditionally? What do you teach your kids?

I will take the risk and bet that this post would trigger many four letter words towards me or judgmental thoughts about someone you know. 🙂 Example: “What the H***L is she talking about?”; “I have been helping people for so long now…”; “That would be great for Mary Mary to read, not me, I am doing just fine”. The point is to stop pointing at others and look deeper in yourselves, folks. Retrospection is the start for a positive change! Use this Christmas time for that.


Being a finance enthusiast and a wanna be Finance specialists :o) I can assure you that going into debt for purchasing Christmas gifts is absolutely crazy! Yes, it is! I remember working at a retail store winters of 2009 and 2010 and people emptying out their credit cards for clothes. Some of them kept coming every day for 20 days in a roll purchasing clothes and shoes for family members. Once I asked a lady if she has a big family and she told me she has two children only, no grandchildren, but wants to make sure her kids have a Christmas tree full of presents underneath. Her total bill was over $5000 …her total debt, I should say. She said she will be paying it off for most of the new years. CRAZY! Why would you do that? This is not love, this is greed! If her kids appreciated her the way she was, they would be happy with a calm and cozy home atmosphere, Christmas cookies, hot cocoa, and the opportunity to be home. This type of Christmas financial budget is definitely one I can’t understand!

My idea for Christmas financial budget is one gift for my closest relatives or maybe shared gifts for the ones who have a spouse or are siblings. Gifts that they will remember or be educational. I set a limit of how expensive those gifts should be (example:no more than $50 per gift) and I search for them online and offline. Takes a bit more time, but I don’t have to even touch my credit card. Clearly, some advanced financial planning and savings would be key here! After all,  we all know when Christmas is coming, so we have plenty of time to prepare for it.


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