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The topic of self-development and personal growth has been on my mind for many years now. Although, it takes a lifetime to achieve and become what we are meant to become, getting few extra ideas and a bit of a push at times is never bad.

In the following post, I have summarized some of the key questions and thoughts that have helped me to be where I am today. Of course, there is a lot more to do, but one step at a time.

Where do you stand in life today?

Have you asked yourself the question “Where am I today?” Have you given it a thorough thought whether that is where you want to be? The truth is that we are who we are and things that happen to us had to happen. One way or another we may have attracted the present situation in the past. So stop today and evaluate your life. Is this where you want to be and decide today where do you want to be in 5 years? Start working on it today!

What skills do I need to be successful?

What skills do you possess today that are helping you in your personal and professional life? What skills do you need to acquire, develop and master to be able to be successful in the future (think your future goals and aspirations)?

How good of a communicator you are?

It has been a trend for people to read many self-development books lately. Do you take notes when you read those? Do you immediately apply the new things in your daily actions and words? Being a successful communicator is the first thing all self-development books teach you. It starts with you! Learn to voice out your thoughts, feelings and concerns. Learn to understand yourself, then others will understand you too. Learn to be an active listener too–it will take you long ways.

Do you take care of your well-being?

Taking care of your physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual well being should be a priority! Plan and schedule activities that will help you stay on track in all of the mentioned categories. Remember that you can’t take care of another or be of help, unless you have taken care of yourself first.

Evaluate yourself

Be honest with yourself first, then be honest with others! Daily (weekly is good too, but daily is better) evaluate your actions, accomplishments, failures, mistakes. Give yourself credit for the successes and make plans to do better next day.

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