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Welcome to TOPCHIYSKA.COM — My Personal Blog!

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My name is Silviya and I decided to convert my business website into a personal blog. Life is not all about the money. I keep seeing peers and the generation after me focusing too much on the “invest today so you can have compound interest” in 30 years. While it is definitely a way to secure a better retirement income, it is not the way to happiness. Money should not be a focus, but a tool. I also keep seeing great looking people who are smiling with their lips, but crying in their  souls. Fulfillment does not come from greed, it comes from generosity. Thus, I converted my business website to a personal blog. Now I have a place where I can share life lessons, thoughts, opinions, good and bad news, and anything else I think it might help businesses, individuals, organized groups to really find the true meaning of this life. Of course, I don’t expect everyone to agree with me. 

A life change began…by a simple step

I used this website for doing business and personal consulting within the past year. Consultants (including myself) think we know it all and that we are all correct. Imagine 25 of us in the same room — worse than a zoo! I just came to realize that people and businesses should not be paying for advise! Advise and giving opinions should be free, so is truth! I understand the concept of paying for a “well done job”, but not for just talking to someone. Thus, I converted this website to a personal blog; made myself available for 30 min FREE chit-chat sessions with anyone who has been touched, affected or inspired by my posts or videos; and if a business owner or manager decides that my brains can help his company out — feel free to contact me!

Since  I used this website for business, most of blog posts are focusing on finance and general business operations. There will be other topics covered soon, such as: women rights, philanthropy, water scarcity, book reviews, equality, keeping the environment clean from trash, etc. 

English is my second language and while I strive to excel in it, it is still a second language. I apologize in advance for misspelling, misused words, grammatical errors. I tend to keep the content of my blog posts casual, easy to read, easier to understand and hope that you will focus on the message, not on the words.

I hope that my blog posts will contribute to a ‘realized today and a better tomorrow’!