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I am offering to you & your business the following services:

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I am here to help you solve problems, guide you through change, encourage you and keep your back safe when you think you will fall down because you have no strength to take another step. This is valid for small businesses, corporations and individuals. Life is  full of challenges and problems and frequently we need help to get through them. Sometimes we don’t have anyone to turn to for help and sometimes we don’t want our friends or family to know we are experiencing challenges. That’s why I am here: it is easier to share with a stranger and a shared problem is a half-problem.

The type of consulting I offer is for real, every day problems that ordinary people and  businesses encounter. It is those small problems that easily turn into big problems. Ranging from profit loss, high turn over of employees, dealing with incompetent or rude employer while wanting to keep your job, losing clients to breakups, feeling lonely, being jobless, not knowing what to do with your life  or how to deal with insensitive people around you. I am here to listen, invent–one of my best qualities is endless supply of creative ideas and implementation methods for anything and everything–plan, execute and help you get where you or your business need to be.

I offer you the consulting style of the 22nd century : an ordinary person helping ordinary people! Listening, understanding, discussing, being genuine, emphatic and empathetic are the core values and principles in my work. I am personal and to the point. I will tell you exactly what I think, will be direct with you, and won’t get offended if you consider me demanding or don’t accept my consulting advice. However, you won’t know if something won’t work until you try it out. I stand 100% behind my services and offer 100% money back guarantee for two weeks after our last meeting. Problems need to be solved one way or another and I am here to help you solve them in the best way possible!

Transparency  is everything!

I witness every day unhappy employees coming to work and not performing well and/or quitting; I witness every day how unhappy customers take their business elsewhere and take 10 from their friends, i.e., other customers with them; I witness every day how businesses underpay their employees or don’t give them credit for the job well done; I witness every day how employees struggle in their personal lives and how those personal problems affect their work performance; I witness every day how greed wins over quality customer service; I witness many problems every day because I am part of them. I am right there where the problems are and this is why I can solve them, because they are my every day problems too!

This is how I work: I offer you 30 min FREE consulting. You can book your FREE consulting here. Once your appointment is approved, you will receive an e-mail with a link to a short survey I would ask you to take. I will have the survey answers prior our appointment. I encourage you to be as honest as possible because your answers to the survey will help me determine how to best help you! You will receive all details about your appointment in the encrypted e-mail.

Please, read through the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy before booking an appointment!

Welcome to TOPCHIYSKA.COM and I look forward to helping you out and will offer you the best and most innovated solutions for your business or personal challenges!